Showing dogs is a sport.  The Westminster Kennel Club Show is the second oldest sporting event in the United States, only the Kentucky Derby is longer running.  It is my goal to produce puppies that physically represent the breed standard and are competitive in the ring, while possessing the sweet disposition and sense of humor you would welcome in your home.

I do not support the breeding of standard poodles with other breeds to create anything like a “doodle”.  These dogs are mongrels.  If you would like to own a mongrel, please, support your local animal shelter.

We bred 5 Sisters No Shrinking Violets to CH Brighton Gamblin’ Man O Couture.

Puppies were born on March 22, 2019

3 Girls and 1 Boy

March puppies

      These puppies are all spoken for, but I have co-bred a litter of puppies with Julia Swartz of Maryland Standard Poodles.  This litter of all black puppies is expected to debut on or around May 22, 2019.

Please, direct all inquiries to Claudette Boudreaux at 240-481-5058 or claudielou@icloud.com