In the On Deck Circle




CH Brighton Gamblin Man O Couture X 5 Sisters No Shrinking Violets

“That’s my Boo.”  I bred Violet to Vegas last year and puppies arrived on August 9, 2017, five boys and one girl.  I kept a boy, Limousine, and the only girl.  I named her Summer Bouquet because Brighton Bouquet Topaz is behind her.

Bou is the best thing I have ever bred.  She is stunning.  Her movement is so effortless, she appears to be floating.  Bou is correct in every way.  Like Sugar, Bou gave me lots of eye contact early on.  This little girl is my heart.  I love her.



CH Brighton Gamblin Man O Couture X AbsoluteLuminary Victoria’s Secret

This beautiful girl is a labor of love by Julia Swartz of Maryland Standard Poodles and 5 Sisters.  Julia and I had a friend named Victoria Law.  Victoria died three years ago, but before she left this world, she bred a line of Standard Poodles that are easily recognizable.  When the opportunity presented itself to continue the Luminary line, Julia and I jumped on it.  We were both thrilled when Adriano Rocha, who handled many of Victoria’s dogs, recognized Hon in the ring as out of Victoria’s line.

There were ten puppies in the litter, any number of whom we thought were show quality, but we picked a little girl who was so full of herself, but very quiet mannered and very observant.  Hon is quite the little beauty and very accommodating.  She is in the ring with the  Segraves and we are expecting big things from her.